Helpful Videos

How to Adjust a Hunter Pro-C to comply with water restrictions

Step-by-step instructions show you how to easily change the watering days, start times, and run times of a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller to help you stay compliant with local watering restrictions.

Hunter Valves: Flow Control Adjustment

Learn how to adjust water flow directly at the valve using the Flow Control adjustment feature. You can increase or decrease the flow of water for optimal water use. This is a great water conservation feature available as a built-in option on many Hunter valves.

Pro-C Basic Programming

This video shows you the basic steps to program a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller and how to use its various features, from setting the date and time to adjusting seasonal percentages and more, including manual operation.

How To Close Test Cock Valves On A Pressure Vacuum Breaker

How to activate a sprinkler system in the spring. Backflow prevention device, also know as a Pressure-Vacuum Breaker (PVB) or an Reduced Pressure Assembly (RP unit).

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